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By Cleckheaton
So many Scarves and Beanies to choose from. 11 Designs, choose a style to suit and have a woolly warmer for the cold spells.
Designs Include;
Blanket Wrap 8ply
Cable Wrap 8ply
Garter Peak Edge Shawl 8ply
Splice Wrap 8ply
Cosy Beanie 12ply
Lace Shawl 5ply
Smart Jumper Wrap 14ply
Short Cowl & Beanie 8ply
Scarf & Beanie 8ply
Scarf 16ply
Garter Intersection Shawl 8ply

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Knit your very own scarf and beanie for winter, actually knit a couple to swap over your looks.

List Price: $21.95
Price: $21.95