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Modern Crochet

By Patons
Modern Crochet has a selection of 12 designs of Crochet Projects for you to choose from. Gorgeous designs. Patterns in 4ply & 8ply.
Designs include:
Bucket Bag 8ply
Polka Dot Rug 8ply
Granny Square Cardigan 4ply
Granny Square Bedspread 8ply
Double Crochet Cushion 4ply
Triangles Cushion 4ply
Bunting 4ply
Pram Blanket 4ply
Toy Pear 4ply
Girl's Granny Square Top 8ply
Toy Icy Poles 4ply
Toy Lion 8ply

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Modern Crochet
So much inspiration in one book! 

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Price: $21.95